Grocery Store Tour

Grocery Store Tour

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*Requires completion of client intake form- This will help me personalize your experience and prepare you for your highest achievement.*
  • Requires completion of NAEQ Questionnaire form upon checkout.

  • 1 hour tour of client's preferred grocery store.

  • Education on label reading and target (or avoidance) nutrients.

  • Education on healthier options. 

  • Learn how to shop more time and cost effectively.

  • Blank Shopping template.

  • Handouts on specific needs (GMO, organic, gluten free, label reading, etc.)

  • The feeling of empowerment when shopping. 

Please answer the NAEQ Questionnaire upon checkout to the best of your knowledge, with “Yes” or “No”.

  • If you answered YES to one or more questions:
  • Speak with your Physician BEFORE you start implementing advice from a Nutrition Coach. Tell your Physician about this questionnaire and which questions you answered YES to.
  • After you've spoken with a physician:
    • Pass on any information/advice your physician your physician advised you on to your Nutrition Coach.
    • Check to see that the physician's information/advice is being implemented into your nutritional plan. 
  • If you answered NO to all the questions:
    • You are likely safe to receive nutritional advice from a qualified Nutrition Coach. 
    • It is in your best interest to check that the Nutrition Coach received their education from a designated educational institution and has active malpractice insurance coverage. 
  • NOTEIf you have any negative reactions to any meal plan suggested by your Nutrition Coach, make sure to notify them.