About Us

Sydney Shrigley is the owner and practitioner of Bug & Bean Nutrition and Wellness. She holds a diploma in Nutritional Science from the Elevated Learning Academy in Edmonton, AB where she graduated at the top of her class with a letter of Academic Excellence!
Sydney believes in helping all people obtain and maintain a healthy mind, body and soul through whole foods. Originally from Medicine Hat, she has spent the last 11 years in Edmonton where she struggled with abuse, addiction, raising children, finances and finding her true self. Now, stronger than ever, she is back in the beautiful, sunny city, ready to share her experiences and knowledge with lovely humans who are ready for change! While Sydney truly enjoys helping others, self-care is a top priority! You can find her in the kitchen, spending time with her daughters and hunk of a honey, gardening, golfing, creating, meditating, redecorating, exploring nature or relaxing in her hammock. She is soulful, spiritual, intuitive, curious and witty. Sydney struggled with an eating disorder for the majority of her life and was clueless to the fact until shortly after her second daughter. She spent 7 months in the hospital to reclaim her life! Food is fuel, and without it, Bug & Bean would have never been a thought.
Bug & Bean Nutrition and Wellness was created in the fall of 2019. The creation of the name was really quite simple; Bug & Bean are nicknames for Sydney’s daughters! Before the business, Sydney worked the usual 9 to 5 and did what she had to do for her girls. 2019 was a year that brought a lot of transformation! She lost her corporate job, fought her way through some health issues, found 3 more jobs (working 4 different jobs!), sold her first house and bought a second, lost 2/4 jobs, decided to go back to school and reconnected with her high school sweetheart! Sydney is not one to play the employee role, she needs to take charge and create all while helping others and fulfilling this in a way of respect, empathy and encouragement.
Bug & Bean Nutrition and Wellness offers a diverse selection of services to ensure that people of all variety can achieve their goals! Sydney’s experience and education have allowed her to offer her services to infants/youth, pregnant/nursing mother’s, family’s, elderly, athletes, people with strict diet needs, and really, anyone who eats food!